Sunday, November 18, 2012

It finally happened!!

Well it finally happened Preston has learned how to escape out of his crib. We were having our home date last night and all of a sudden we heard the door open and out walks Preston. So we went ahead and removed both babies crib fronts tonight. They were having so much fun switching each other's beds and jumping on them. This should be an interesting night!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our Trip To Utah!!

We were so exited to be on our way to Utah for Joel’s interview for his Masters Program with Westminster College!!


We first had to drop Chloe off to Liz’s house to be babysat while we were out of town.


The boys did really well with the car ride! I was pleasantly surprised!

IMG_2583 IMG_2584


After a fun day of driving we finally made it to Steven and Melissa’s house!


Early Monday morning we went down to Westminster to check out the campus. It was so beautiful!!


Fall was in full swing!! It was so gorgeous with all the fall leaves!


Jaden and Audrey had so much fun playing together. They even have lost the same teeth! They are only 2 weeks apart.


We had a blast celebrating Halloween with Steven and Melissa’s family.  We carved pumpkins…..

IMG_2606 IMG_2646 Steven did a great job!!

We went trick or treating at Steven’s work….

+October 18 2012 007

October 18 2012 006

Jaden was Mr. Incredible, Preston was a dog and Landon was a bumble bee.

October 18 2012 010


October 18 2012 012 October 18 2012 015 October 18 2012 018

October 18 2012 022 October 18 2012 029 October 18 2012 033 October 18 2012 036 October 18 2012 039 October 18 2012 043 

Steven made this fun witches brew!

October 18 2012 049

weirdo!!!!   just kidding Steven, you’re supper fun!!!

October 18 2012 057 October 18 2012 060 October 18 2012 061

Melissa made some yummy worms and eye balls for dinner!

October 18 2012 078

The babies just ate off each others plates all week.

October 18 2012 084 

October 18 2012 088

After a fun dinner we set out to go trick or treating in the neighborhood!

October 18 2012 093

Preston wasn’t very cooperative with our picture taking efforts.

October 18 2012 103

October 18 2012 104 October 18 2012 107October 18 2012 118 

After trick or treating we had caramel apples with toffee and mini m & m’s yummy!!

October 18 2012 123

We all had so much fun!!

October 18 2012 129

Melissa took us to an awesome place called Jump on it!  We had the place all to ourselves.

IMG_2615 IMG_2617 IMG_2619 

We had such a blast! I truly believe we had more fun then the kids!

IMG_2635 IMG_2638 

Then finally Joel had his interview!


He was supper nervous but did well on his interview. He was in front of a panel of four and had lots of opportunities to shine!! Now we just wait and see. We should find out if Joel is in by December 1st. I hope we get in!!!!

We loved spending some time with Steven’s family!  So fun, relaxing and lots of laughs!!  Thanks Steven and Melissa for letting  us come stay!! We hope to join you guys in your bubble soon!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween dinner!!

We had a fun Halloween feast tonight equipped with everything yummy including Jell-O shots!! We decided to do it early since we will be up in Utah for Halloween!!