Saturday, January 19, 2008

Isn't he so Cute!!! This was the first time he went down the slide all by himself!
Jaden and Mommy had a fun Play day! I was off work for the day and decided that Jaden and I were going to spend the whole day together. No house work, nothing but fun with Jaden. We started our day off with a fun breakfast and then went to Jaden's 15 month Doctor's appointment. He got 3 shots but did so well. We then went to McDonald's together and shared a chicken mcnugget meal and then went and got a few fun things at the store for our fun day. We went to the park,

Then We Made a Cake!

While Jaden was napping I made this for my new desk at work! They're Pens!

Jaden and I had a blast on our play day together. We finished our day off with dinner, a bath for Jaden and Story books. Thanks Jaden for such a fun day!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Here is Jaden's Valentine to all of you! We love you! The Bakers

Thursday, January 10, 2008


The other morning I was getting ready for work and I heard that Jaden was up! So I went towards his room and he sounded really close, I looked in his room and to my surprise he greeted me at the door! He had somehow gotten FREE!!! I looked in his bed and he had stacked pillows and blankets up in the corner and had climbed his way out and onto his rocking chair! I was amazed! Well, needless to say his bed will be converted to a big boy bed this weekend! My little baby is getting so big. :(

Prince Family Heirloom

My mom, Karalee Glauser gave me this hat that belonged to her mother Isabel Prince. It's one of two things that I have of hers that I cherish. I was just given it and wanted to show it off!! Look at Me!!

January Birthdays!!

Happy Birthday Ben and Kathryn!! We love you and hope you have a wonderful Birthday this year!! One year older and wiser too, Happy Birthday, to You!!