Sunday, May 22, 2011

I see double trouble!!!

My good friend Debbie Olsen made me these really cute onesies for the boys! I took them to the Dr.'s office in them and they all loved them.
From 2011-05-19

This week the babies have shown lots of mile stones. both babies have started to smile, giggle, and make cooing noises. It is so fun to hear them and see them grow. They also are starting to sleep more. Twice this week they have both slept through the night. Yahoo!!! I love it!! They are doing so well and are growing so fast. Today I attempted taking them to church all by my self for the first time. It would have been totally fine, except there was no A/C in the church building and by the half of the second hour in sunday school I couldn't stand it anymore and neither could they so we left.
From 2011-05-22

But I do have to say that they looked totally cute in their Sunday wear.
From 2011-05-22

Last Sunday one of the talks was about being reverent and one thing that she talked about was being on time to church and that ment getting to bed earlier, laying out clothes the night before and well you know. So I did it. I got all their clothes picked out, ironed and ready to go for the morning. It worked so well and I'm so glad I did it because there was still delays that made us a little late. We did make it though before the opening prayer. This will be something that I will have to continue to do from here on out.

The boys after we got home and into some comfy clothes
From 2011-05-22

From 2011-05-22

Jaden and I decided to cuddle up and watch a fun movie and have a big bowl of banana split!! Yummy

From 2011-05-22

From 2011-05-22

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Important Documents Binder

This past week I went down to my mom's to help her with some projects she's been wanting to get done. She just needed someone to help her focus and I thought it was a great opportunity to help her and for me to get out of the house. One of the things we did was creat an all in one, Important Documents Binder.
From 2011-05-10

This is something I have had for years now and find it so helpful when a need arrises or in case of emergency, you have it all there in one place to quickly grab.
Some of the pages are:
From 2011-05-10

Social Security Cards
Birth Certificates
From 2011-05-10

Immunization Records
From 2011-05-10

Insurance - Health, Life, Auto, Renters and personal property (like your jewelry and fine art)
401K and investments
Titles and Registration
From 2011-05-10

Voters Registration Cards
From 2011-05-10

Marriage Certificate
Church Records and Certificates
Patriarchal and Baby Blessings
Cord Blood Registry
Child Saftly Kit (Their finger prints and DNA samples)
Bank Account Info.
Credit Info.
Power of Attorneys
From 2011-05-10

Will and Last Wishes
Funeral Wishes and Important Receipts and Warranties

It has worked so well for us and I love having it all in one spot.

Major Update!!

It has been so long since I have really blogged. So I thought I would do a Major Update! Ever since the babies have come home it has been so hard to do anything else but take care of them. It's a constant thing. Every 3 hours they are being fed. I will get all done with one and then have to start with the other one. It's been crazy.
From 2011-02-16

From 2011-02-16

Here are the twins together in early March. They were still so small.
From 2011-03-08

It's been hard to juggle the babies, Jaden, Joel, meals and even taking showers. For the last couple of months we all have looked like rag muffins.
From 2011-03-11

My sister Liz came and did some fun pictures of the babies. They turned out so good. I never realized how hard it is to take pictures of babies.
From Mar 12, 2011

For anyone that says they want twins. Let me tell you, you really don't. It's twice the work. You think one baby is bad? Try two. You think you aren't sleeping with one? ya, try two. Let me tell you. You don't want to wish for twins. I thought this was an interesting sight. I had to capture it on film.
From 2011-03-28

The boys are getting so big, so fast. This is near the end of March.
From 2011-03-27

To get a brake I will sometimes go down to my parents house in Sierra Vista to stay for a couple days. It gets me off my couch in which I live and gives me a little brake and help.
From 2011-03-25

From 2011-03-24

Joel has been a big help when he's home from work. He sleeps during the day and works at night. On the nights that he's off he helps me every chance he can.
From 2011-03-17

From 2011-03-15

The boys are actually raely together, really only for pictures. Someone the other day asked me what they do when they are together and I replied. Mostly they link arms and then they suck on each others arms or hands. It's kind of funny.
From 2011-04-19

These boys really love their swings. They sleep better in them and spend a lot of time in them.
From 2011-04-22

Joel will a lot of times put the babies in the baby bijorn and carry them around or will do his homework with them.
From 2011-04-23

For Easter we went down to my parents house. We had a lot of fun and I took the boys to church for the first time since they were born. RSV season is now officially over.
From 2011-04-24

From 2011-04-24

From 2011-04-24

We even had a fun Easter egg hunt for Jaden. He loved it.
From 2011-04-24

My babies are getting so big. They are 3 months here and are so healthy and strong.
From 2011-05-08

For Mother's Day Joel and the boys gave me these fun cards.
From 2011-05-09

From 2011-05-09

From 2011-05-09

From 2011-05-09

From 2011-05-09

From 2011-05-09

I love this card. Isn't it the truth.
I finally got ready for the day and thought I should document it. I don't get all dressed up any more since I'm just home getting spit up on. It's really hard not to let yourself go, but right now. I really don't have the time or energy.
From 2011-05-09

Well, that's my update. The boys are doing really well and I'm starting to really get the hang of things. Sleep is coming a little better, but it is still a constant thing every 3 hours. They are now starting to coo and ca and smile when we they see us. They are 3 and a half months old and are such great boys. They are so good and content. Jaden is doing well too. He loves his brothers and loves being home with mommy. He likes to do, "Mommy and Jaden date nights". We watch movies and eat popcorn while I feed the babies. He's such a good sport about it all. I love them all so much. I'm such a lucky mom to have 3 cute little boys.