Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cook for the Day!

P1130264On our “Summer Fun Things To Do List” we did Cook for the Day!  Jaden chose to make waffles for breakfast!

P1130266Jaden loved being able to do everything for the making of our waffles.

P1130274He even wanted to pour the batter, which I was a little scared about but he did a great job!

P1130279This is what Jaden usually does when we make waffles. The strawberries through the handy Pampered Chef Egg slicer.  Such a cool tool.  What would we do without it.

P1130282They were so delicious and fun for him too.

P1130284For lunch Jaden wanted to make his own Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with chips and a cottage cheese and salsa dip.

P1130285He did a great job. I now have him make his own a lot now that I know he can do it. Smile


P1130295For dinner, Jaden chose to make homemade pizzas and Root Beer Floats!

P1130296Preston so exited!

P1130300They are getting so big.  I think it’s funny how in almost every picture of Landon, he’s never smiling.

P1130303He had so much fun putting on all the toppings. He chose half peperoni and half ham and pineapple.

P1130306He looks like a pilgrim in this picture.

P1130310The pizza turned out so well. It was what we call, “Delicioso!!” Jaden will say that all the time.

P1130312It was Jaden’s first time having Root Beer Floats too!  He loved them!

Another great summer day!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Newest Project!

P1130243I recently bought this new book shelf at IKEA and I’m so exited about it. I have stored all my Journals on it and in the baskets have put papers and things still needing to be journaled. I love it because it’s all in one place and a constant reminder of them. I love to do MyPublisher! On top I have displayed some of my favorite family history items. First the picture of Christ was given to us by Joel’s dad which I love because it totally warms up this area. The lamp I got at Real Deals and it’s just adorable. I’ve had my eye on it forever!

P1130175 My mom put together this floral arrangement for me awhile back and my dad is allowing me to display my grandfather’s flag. The picture is of Joel’s dad Tim and Tim’s Grandmother. I love this fame it already came in. The old-fashioned soap dish was mine but inside is a pocket watch we found in Tim’s things and his class ring. I’m going to try to find out who the pocket watch belonged to. There are also coins that Tim collected that are from some of the countries that Joel traveled to with his dad after his mission. Australia and New Zealand.

P1130176The books are all the books that have been written from our Grandparents on both sides of the family. I was surprised to see how many there were. The small one on top we found in some of Tim’s books that we were able to recover from going to the Goodwill. Inside it has his grandmothers name. It was her personal bible. The small skinny one is also something we recovered and it was Tim’s baby book. no pictures by really old and fun to look at. His mom wrote a lot about his childhood in it.

P1130177 The picture is of Tim as a kid. I’m not finished with this yet because I would like to add at least one picture of each of our grandparents on it in old fun frames. I’m still looking for frames at the goodwill and for the right pictures.


P1130250 Last but not least behind the lamp is a glass container that I love and inside are my most favorite chocolates. Ferrer Rocher. They just look so elegant and fancy that I wanted to have them on their for a fun flare.  on the other side of the wall I’m looking to hang a family tree going back 5 generations and family pictures of our ancestors. I’ll let you know when I have that done. I love having this in my entry way. it is a constant reminder of were we came from and the people that came before us. I love history and especially family history.

P1130162 I recently got this and couldn’t find a place in the room to put it so I put it on the door.  I like it!

P1130165 This is the finished wall in the babies nursery. I added the feet picture that Liz did of our new family. Here’s a close up.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


One of the things on our “Summer Fun Things To Do List” is to have a campout, but because it’s so hot and we have little babies, we decided to just have a campout at home!


We roasted hot dogs and had corn on the cob!



We built a fire and got ready for a fun night!



Jaden was so exited and helped me get everything all ready!


After dinner we got the babies down to bed and put up Jaden’s tent in his room.


Then we turned out all the lights and headed back outside for some smores and scary stories.



Our smores were so good because we put reeses peanut butter cup inside with our marshmallow!


While out there Jaden said, “Let’s tell ghost stories”, we said ok, then he put the flashlight up to his face and started his story.  I was so amazed that he even knew to do that I asked him. Where did you learn that from. His reply, “I saw it on “Finious and Ferb”.  He’s so cute!


My story was so cool because I actually got Jaden to jump.  Hee hee!

After our fun outside, we went inside for a story and Jaden got to sleep in his tent!


We had such a blast!  I really think we pulled of a great campout for Jaden!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Look at What I got at the Goodwill!


Growing up we had some really fun Banana Split Bowels so when I found these at the goodwill, I had to have them!  It’s such a fond memory I have and I love that I can now share that memory with my boys! I also found these two vases. The glass one goes on my personal desk where I put a single flower. and the yellow one is just so much fun!