Friday, September 30, 2011

Baker Family Update!

The twinnies are now over 8 months old! Can you believe it!! They have grown so fast. They are getting so big. Both babies are now able to sit up and eat solids.


My 10 year high school reunion was this past weekend. At first I wasn’t going to go but as we got closer to the date I decided, this is one of those, once in a life time events that you should go to and that if I didn’t I would always say, what if? So I went. I took the babies and Jaden and we went the night before to the football game at the high school. It was fun and I’m so glad I went. Everyone was really nice and warming. They all liked my kids and even Jaden had fun at the football game. We came home and he told me that, “they even had a marching band”. I didn’t even know he knew what that was. He’s such a cutie.


Out of our class of 450 something people, only 27 showed up. Sad, but it was fun.


Thank heavens my good friend, Warren Grantham and his wife Megan were there to talk to. We also sat with Eddie Mott and Lisa Faulker. We had a blast reminiscing about the past.



Jaden has been practicing writing his abc’s and he’s been doing a great job. We are working on his reading and he’s so far doing so well. I had him start reading a small little phonics' book and I almost started crying when he read his first sentence. It was just precious.


In Jaden’s room he had stuff all over the floor and it just felt a little cluttered, there really wasn’t a “home” for everything so I thought of putting in a book shelf to house his stuff so his floor was free of clutter. I think it turned out great.  Only $26 too!!

P1130708In the picture frames we are going to put pictures of Jaden’s grandparents so he will always be able to see them and remember who they are. While we were at it. We also went through and labeled everything.




The boys are so happy to play with all their toys. We rotate them out so they never get tired of them. This is were I hide them.


P1130741Look at those baby blues!!


He’s teething, can you tell?

Jaden is now in the mode where he doesn’t like to pose for the camera.


Fall is in full swing in our house! I love the fall!! We are even going to make a pumpkin roll this Sunday Night as a family activity and we broke out the coco-motion maker for the first time tonight!!  Yummy!! The fun creamers are already out in stores!


They play so well together!


This fall we started Jaden in soccer. So far he loves it. He will practice in the house all the time. Even getting in his cleats and shin guards.


The babies love taking baths! Preston on the left, Landon on the right.


Every time they get a bath we lotion them up and they absolutely love the mini message they get.



Today was the first day that both babies tried a puff! Messy eaters. I feed both babies at the same time. One is in the normal high chair and the other one sits on top of the table in a booster seat. I just go back and forth from one to the other. Same spoon, same food. I figure if one is going to get sick the other one will too. so why not make it easy on myself.


Anyway there you go. Way  more information than you wanted I’m sure.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jaden’s 5th Birthday!

P1130473 P1130449For Jaden’s Pirate Party we had an awesome Food buffet!  Jaden dressed up as Captain Jaden Hook!

Annual Birthday Quiz:

If you could change your name what would it be? Super hero Jaden J 

When was the last time you cried? I don’t know
What do you like to draw?  all kinds of pictures, well my most favoritest thing of drawing was when we went up to Cheryl’s house and I drawled that picture of Tim when we went to the park.

What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? umm, peanut butter sandwich
Do you have any dolls or stuffed animals? what are we talking about here.  well I have bears and all kinds of stuffed animals.

Who are you friends with? Keegan. cuz he’s my best buddy. That’s why we are friends. Sometimes we don’t get along.

Do you have a tickle spot? why do we have to do this? After not answering the question for awhile he said, you have to be patient. what now: on my pitty.  That’s where it is.

Do you still have your tonsils? what does that mean? Yes.
Would you bungee jump? What does that mean? when I explained it he said. I would do it when I go mountain climbing. because mountain climbing is fun. because one time when I was 3 I didn’t get to but now that I’m 5 I get to. Is mountain climbing for 5 year olds or do they have to be older? I’m five and I’m older so I can go mountain climbing.
What is your favorite cereal? there’s round things and there’s circles and is there’s colors and it’s cereal. and it does not have a whole in the middle.
Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?  yes.

(5 of 100)_thumb[3](10 of 100)_thumb[2]P1130470 We had each kid come in and start painting and decorating their own treasure box with jewels and fun stickers.P1130471Each kid as they came through the door sat down to get their pirate scruffy on!
Do you think you are strong? yes. Do you want to see hoe strong I am. I’m very strong. Do you want to see?
What is your favorite ice cream? Ice cream with cut m&m’s.
What is the first thing you notice about people? My cousins.
Green or Blue? green or blue what? My favorite color is all the boy colors except white and yellow.

(17 of 100)_thumb[2](25 of 100)_thumb[2](32 of 100)_thumb[2](55 of 100)_thumb[6]Once everyone was at the party we started out Treasure Hunt for the Pirate Booty! Each kid received a compass and the first clue was read aloud by Ben who has a great Pirate voice!P1130555
What is your favorite thing to play with? toy story toys. no actually my cars that’s my favoritest, favoritest thing to play with.

Who do you miss the most? Tim.
What color pants and shoes are you wearing? green and white pants and a blue shirt. 

What was the last thing you ate? waffles. Cuz that’s what I had for breakfast.


What are you listening to right now? questions for you mommy.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?well half would be red and the other half would be blue.
Favorite smell? Air.
Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Cheryl
Favorite sports to watch? Soccer

(25 of 100)_thumb[2](27 of 100)_thumb[2](28 of 100)_thumb[2]After each kid received their tattoo the next clue was given: P1130556
Hair color? I don’t know. I think my hair is hazel.
Eye color? Hazel.

Do you wear contacts? what does that mean. well, I don’t think so.
Scary movies or Happy endings? scary movies.

Summer or Winter? Winter

P1130489P1130490All the kids were to pop the cannon balls (balloons) to find the next clue! Once they did they all got a Ring Pop and the clue was read aloud!P1130557

Hugs or Kisses? Hugs and Kisses
Favorite Dessert? Cookies. Chocolate chip.
What book are you reading right now? I’m not reading any books.

What is on your mouse pad? mouse pad?  what is a mouse pad?

(46 of 100)_thumb[2](52 of 100)_thumb[2]The kids went outside for a Fire in the Hole competition. They had to eat a Power Covered Sea Urchin (doughnut) before the other team did to will their next prize. A pirate’s earing!! P1130558 We then played musical freeze on the Islands. (Musical Chairs) to pirate music. It was really fun. They the next clue was given:P1130559

Do you like to get up early or stay up late? Stay up early

Favorite thing to do outside? Look for treasure!

What song do you like to sing? Twinkle little star

Favorite summer vacation? going to the pool. Disney land is also my most favorite adventure too. even going to the wavy pool and the lazy river.

Are you old? yep. I’m older because I’m 5
How old? 5

P1130503Then the final clue was given to find the Pirate’s Treasure! P1130560


(62 of 100)_thumb[2]P1130510P1130514The kids all had a blast finding the treasure and picking out all their gold candy!

(70 of 100)_thumb[2]P1130525P1130542We sang Happy Birthday and Jaden just loved his fun parrty!P1130545P1130548

Thanks to all those that came to the parrty and for the wonderful gifts.  We sure did have fun!!