Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

I used Landon to  help me get our Halloween costumes put together the other day.  Doesn’t he look great!


We babysat Graham and Cherise’s kids the other night and had fun making Halloween sugar cookies and decorating them.


Jaden dressed up as a sheriff and Preston dressed up as a cowboy.


P1140725 P1140726

Landon was an Indian.



My three little boys! Cowboy and Indian with Jaden keeping the peace as Sheriff.


We went to our ward’s Trunk or Treat.


It was such a fun party. It felt like an old fashion Halloween. So nice.


They served Chili and Cornbread. Every one brought something and it was a blast. They even had a contest to see who’s Chili was the best.

Our Cowboys


and the Indians!!!






Landon does this all the time. I think it’s so funny that he props his feet up. Just sit back and relax.


After the trunk or treat we went to the Marana Pumpkin Patch. Normally I would have done this during the day, but we decided to go to Sierra Vista to go to a Haunted Hayride with my parents so this weekend the only time we could do it in our day was in the evening. We had a blast though and the best part, no crowds or lines.

Jaden got to jump around on a giant pillow.


I’m the one always taking the pictures so I had to take one of me to show I was there.


We went on a fun tracker train ride through a corn field. Spooky at night.



We then went through a straw maze


Went through a petting Zoo.


It was really a lot of fun!


On Sunday we carved our pumpkins. Jaden had picked his from the pumpkin patch. I asked him when we were at the patch what he was looking for and he said he was going to find the biggest pumpkin ever. I wasn’t to keen on this since it was $.50 a lb. Sad smile Lucky for us what he thought was big wasn’t too bad.


Jaden designed his own pumpkin telling me what he wanted for every detail.




Halloween Night!  We all headed out to Gladden Farms to go to a block party with Graham, Cherise, Kathryn and London! It was so fun!




Kathryn drove up from Sierra Vista to hang out with us and go trick or treating. She looked awesome with London dressed as Ursula and Arial. Right down to her flounder bucket.


Thanks Kathryn for coming up and spending time with us!!!


Halloween this year was so fun!! Now it’s time to put up Christmas.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It was only $10!!

So, after watching the NATE show I got this idea that I needed to put a dresser or table in my dinning room. I didn’t have any money for something store bought so I went on a search for something cheap at the goodwill and garage sales.  I found this dresser at a garage sale for only $10. I know it’s not the best thing, but it works.



I decided to paint it read so it would accent some of my other accessories


So, here it is



what do you think?  I really do what some input.  Should I keep it?  Toss it?  Sell it? What about to put on it?  Are the lamps too much? Any suggestions??

Sunday, October 23, 2011

It’s Fall!!!

Now that it’s fall Jaden and I have been busy doing all kinds of fun stuff. Here are some of our highlights. We made Monster Pudding!


We made these fun candy corn pretzel treats while having a fun play date with on old high school friend.


We painted fall pictures


We made pretzel chocolate sticks and went on a picnic at the park for visiting teaching.


This past Saturday we all went down to Sierra Vista to my parents house to enjoy some fall festivities. We went on a nature walk with Grandpa


 P1140580 P1140582 P1140578 P1140587 

Landon propped his feet up for the walk.

P1140588 P1140604

We had a fun, yummy dinner at Grandma’s house and then headed out to a haunted hay ride!!

 P1140607 P1140609 

They had all kinds of fun games and treats for the kids.

P1140611 P1140612

Kathryn, Ryne and London all came with us too. We had a lot of fun going in a Corn Maze and seeing all the costume around.

 P1140614 P1140621 P1140630

 P1140636 P1140637 P1140640 P1140646 P1140647 P1140650 P1140651 

This was us all ready to go on the hay ride. We were so exited.


This crazy clown wouldn’t leave us alone. Jaden got so scared he buried his head in my shirt the whole rest of the way.

P1140657 P1140662 

For a fun treat we made these fun Rice Krispy Pumpkins as a snack and had our first cup of Apple Cider for the season when we got back from the Haunted Hay Ride.


We had such a fun time and really enjoyed seeing Grandma and Grandpa too!!