Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Major Update!!

The last couple months have just been crazy fast!! It’s been so fun though! Here’s a quick update as to what we’ve been up to:

P1140891P1140895P1140898P1140902November 1st our tree and hot cocoa station went up! We’ve been able to enjoy them all season long. We even had a pumpkin roll to kick off the Thanksgiving season. P1140907P1140909

P1140911P1140914Jaden and I got busy baking yummy cookies for the season.

P1140918 P1140928P1140933Landon starts to get up on his knees!

P1140945P1140954We venture out to the zoo and a fun picnic in the park.

P1140955The boys start solids!! What a mess Sad smile

P1140970A crawling Landon!!P1140973P1140974Landon can now stand up in his crib. Time to lower it!!! Safety First!!

P1140977The boys love to walk around in their walkers. They can go anywhere even on carpet and they  love to be were we are all the time. I call them my posy because the follow me where ever I go. P1140992Poor Preston. Landon can move and does all kinds of things to him and he’s helpless just sitting there not being able to move. P1150001 Sterling and Sarah came to visit!P1150006They boys love to take a bath. They splash the whole time and get water everywhere!!! It’s so fun to watch.P1150016They can now hold their bottles!! Yahoo!!! They love watching baby Einstein. Greatest baby sitter when I need to go take a shower.

Thanks giving was so much fun. We all were there for Thanksgiving at my parents in Sierra Vista. My mom had set up a fun “Sweet Christmas” all decked out with such cute decorations, a candy tree and even a fun Candy Bar!! We had a yummy Thanksgiving dinner trimmed with all the best! We played games, watched movies and even found time to take family pictures. The next day we had a Christmas party! We had all made sugar cookies and made it a contest to see who had the best recipe. We all voted and Graham and Cherise won! My mom set up for the grandkids to all decorate cookies before our contest! That night the boys all got together and made all of us an Italian feast!  It was so good and they let us girls play games while they cooked!! P1150143P1150145

Jaden was given a play dough set which he loves and plays with all the time. The family also got a family cookbook, a new and very much needed knife set and aprons for the whole family!!P1150463 P1150474P1150478 We’ve loved making cookies and goodies in our new aprons!!P1150194Every night we enjoy turning on the tree lights, having some hot chocolate and enjoy listening to Christmas music. P1150203P1150219We went and decorated Joel’s Dad’s head stone for the holidays. Joel visits there often to remember his dad.P1150245P1150248P1150476-1P1150483Jaden loves to help mommy in the kitchen!  He’s such a good little helper. P1150485Even Joel got into it one day!P1150491P1150495We’ve had fun making muddy Buddies, holiday style. Preston so desperately wants to do what Landon can do so we propped him up next to Landon and He leaned on him for support. So cute. P1150506P1150517P1150555P1150613It’s almost Christmas Eve and we’re ready for the occasion!!!