Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy New Year!

Joel had to work on New Years Eve, so Jaden, the babies and I had a party at home! P1150997-1P1160005-1P1160006-1  P1160029-1 P1160022-1 P1160017-1 P1160026-1 We played games! Talked to Family on Oovoo! Had Martinelli’s, shrimp moose, It was a blast!! P1160050 Don’t you like my leopard pajamas! P1160033 Happy New Year! P1160040

A Baker’s Christmas!!

P1150589We were so exited for the festivities to begin! P1150592 We made cookies and had hot chocolate! P1150598 P1150660 P1150666All the presents have been wrapped! P1150703 Christmas cookies for Santa decorated with the Glauser boys! P1150708Christmas Eve pot luck with the Bakers. P1150717 P1150737 P1150744 P1150756Christmas Eve in front of the tree! P1150766Jaden P1150774Landon P1150762Preston P1150798 P1150804 P1150811All ready for Santa! P1150823 P1150826 It’s Christmas Morning!! P1150840Landon P1150837Preston P1150860 Opening presents! P1150865 P1150878 P1150898 I told Jaden that I forgot to a present in my car and asked if he could go get it and when we went into the garage he found his new bike! P1150901Jaden made bank! P1150910 Preston’s Loot! P1150917 Landon P1150919 Christmas Dinner! P1150921 P1150927 P1150930 Dessert!!P1150931