Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jaden’s 6th Birthday!!

P1180780 copy 3

My baby Jaden is turning 6!! Where has the time gone. I feel like he was just born!!! Jaden has been such a fantastic son. The joy in my life. I love him so much and can’t imagine life without him. He’s so stinkin funny!! Here’s some fun pictures we took in celebrating our little babies birth!


We gave Jaden a TV in his room for his birthday because our 8 year old laptop we were using was dying. We gave him the option to either get the TV or to have a Party with friends and he chose the TV. So as the big day approached, I decided to do just a fun little get together with the cousins for his birthday.


Jaden has been into Disney’s Cars for some time. Ever since he was 1 years old he’s been collecting all the cars and many other accessories. We took this picture for his invitation and to mark where he is at at this stage in his life.


Our invitation read:


Our hot shot rookie, Jaden is growing up lightening fast!

Jaden would be happier than a tornado in a trailer park if you could join us in celebrating his birthday!

So, race on over to our home, Sunday September 9th  from 5-7pm

A kid friendly dinner will be provided



IMG_1664 IMG_1667

I made this cute cars cake and thought it turned out well. Jaden helped me the whole time getting stuff for me and jus even watching. I loved having him around and being involved in doing his party planning.


Here’s some of the fun things we did with the food:

P1180816 P1180823 P1180825 P1180826 P1180829 P1180831 P1180832

P1180835 P1180838 P1180839 P1180841 P1180843 P1180845 P1180848 P1180849 P1180851 P1180855 P1180856 P1180859 P1180861 P1180865 P1180871 P1180874 P1180882 Jaden was so exited!! The Glauser boys gave Jaden a fun sports car!P1180884 P1180886 Amy and Tyson gave Jaden a gift card to itunes so he can get games for our phones. He had a total blast and loved seeing all the family that came to support him!


For Jaden’s actual birthday we started out the day with a smiley face pancake breakfast!


I surprised Jaden by coming into his class and I brought mini cupcakes and fun drinks for the whole class. He was so exited and proud to see me there!!



To carry on a tradition my mom did with me, we donated a new book to Jaden’s school library. We chose a book that Jaden loves!!


For dinner Jaden invited his best buddy Keegan out to dinner with us at Peter Piper Pizza!  We had a blast enjoying some yummy pizza,

IMG_1691 IMG_1696-001Winning tokens and playing fun games, IMG_1700-001 IMG_1705-001 IMG_1706-001Opening presents!! IMG_1722Even Joel got in on the fun by playing deal or no deal!  He won 100 tickets too!!

IMG_1732-001 IMG_1733-001 IMG_1741-001 IMG_1746-001 IMG_1750 IMG_1747-001 IMG_1757-001 everyone had a fun night! IMG_1762-001 P1180925Jaden made out like a bandit. He not only got his TV/DVD player, he also scored some wall tracks, legos, a night out coupon with mom to Disney On Ice, fun treats and candies from primary but also got to take home the Birthday Bag from school with a few other goodies. He sure had a great Birthday Week!!

Preston and Landon just cooling-off from the summer heat!

Whenever I open the fridge the boys come running so they can get a front row seat.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Nikki’s 30th Birthday Bucket List of 30 Things To Do:

For my 30th Birthday I made a list of 30 fun things to do on my big day. I decided that I would celebrate the whole day doing things that were healthy, made me happy, out of the blue, crazy,  traditional, memorable, fun, special, luxurious and so much more.

Nikki's 30th Birthday Bucket ListIMG_1533


1. Get on the elliptical for 30 minutes


2. Take a 30 minute shower


3. Listen only to 80's music that was popular the year I was born (1982)


While I was taking my 30 minute shower and getting ready for the day, Kathryn, Joel, Sterling, Sarah, Cherise and their kids were all decorating the family room area. I had no idea they were there so when I walked out listening to my 80's music on my iphone and ready to dart to the car they totally surprised me by jumping out and popping their poppers. It was such a fun surprise!!!

DSC_0689-001 DSC_0692-001

DSC_0693-001 DSC_0694-001

DSC_0696-001 DSC_0697-001

4. Go to IHOP for a Free breakfast at 8:30

IMG_1543 IMG_1544

IMG_1547 IMG_1552


5. Send my mom 30 flowers

img_1536 IMG_3660

IMG_3661 IMG_3662

6. Deliver a fun gift to someone (Janette, a friend of mine also born on 9/3/82)

IMG_1555 img_1560

7. Post all 30 things I've done on Facebook

Nikki's 30th Birthday 1 Nikki's 30th Birthday

8. Send out 30 thank you cards to people I’m grateful for

I’m actually still working on this one. I wanted to make sure I took the time to make them good.


9. Read my daily horoscope


10. Watch 30 minutes of my favorite TV show


I watched Bachelor Pad while posting my 30 pictures onto facebook at the end of the day!! I love that show. So much drama!!!


11. Give 30 hugs to people I love


This was so fun to do through out the day whenever I came into contact with people!!


12. Take 30 pictures of me on my birthday


Here are some of the highlights!

dsc_0716-001 DSC_0723-001

DSC_0735-001 DSC_0737-001 DSC_0739-001 DSC_0752-001

DSC_0816-001 DSC_0872-001 DSC_0882 DSC_0907-001 

13. Fill out a 30 question birthday survey

Nikki's 30th Birthday Survey questions


14. Read my birth story my mom wrote 30 years ago when I was born

I did this over breakfast while waiting for our food. It was fun to read it to my siblings who have never heard it before.

img_1540 Nikki's 30th Birthday 6 Nikki's 30th Birthday 7 Nikki's 30th Birthday 8 Nikki's 30th Birthday 9 Nikki's 30th Birthday 10


15. Take a picture of me at 30 holding a picture of me at birth

dsc_0705-001-1 dsc_0706-001 which one do you like?


16. Make a bucket list of 30 things I want to do this next year

Nikki's 30th Birthday bucket list1 IMG_1612


17. Splurge 30 bucks on jewelry and fun accessories

img_1579  P1180896 I got these super fun heals and a cute necklace to go with them!!!


18. Sample 30 flavors of Gelato at Frost

I was really exited for this one. I love Gelato but had really never tried other flavors other then hazel nut.

img_1585 img_1589 img_1591 Frost was so cool with me doing this. The guy that helped me even told me little tid bits about each flavor like what’s most popular, most sampled, his favorite, it was so fun!!


19. Make 30 wishes from 30 shinny new pennies into a fountain

DSC_0838-001  dsc_0841-001

20. Get a facial to rejuvenate my skin

img_1569 img_1573 This felt so good!  I’ve got to do that again!

21. Get a 30 minute psychic reading


I got a recording of it but am not able to attach it. Sorry. It was fun to hear though!!


22. Go to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, The Macaroni Grill at 6:30

IMG_1601 My hot date!! IMG_1607 IMG_1611 I love the Chicken Scaloppini!! my favorite!! with a raspberry lemonade!

23. Blow out 30 candles

dsc_0915-001 dsc_0920-001 


24. Have a slice of a 30 layer cake

dsc_0931-001 dsc_0938-001 p1180761

25. Have 80’s treats


26. Go to a movie – The odd Life of Timothy Green at 9:30

Joel and I got there and then started second guessing the movie choice. ultimately we decided to not go.


27. Write in my journal about the things I’ve done in the last 30 years and the things I hope and dream for in the next 30.

I made a Mypublisher book of my big day and have written a detailed account of the day as well as my journal entry about the past and my hopes for the future.


28. Toast Birthday Wishes with Joel and a bottle of Martinelli’s


We toasted with Kathryn, Sterling, Sarah, Jaden, Joel and thanked everyone for coming and celebrating on my special day.

29. Make out with Joel for 30 seconds

IMG_1582 I thought it was kind of funny that some people were wondering if I would post this one on facebook.

30. Receive a 30 minute massage from Joel

IMG_1616 Such a nice end to my big, exhausting day!!!


There you have it!! All 30 things on my list. I had such a blast and was so glad to share it with those I love.  Thank you so much Joel, Kathryn, Sterling, Sarah, Cherise and anyone else who was there for me on my special day and for all those that called and left wonderful messages for me.  I truly appreciate it!!IMG_1541 IMG_1587 IMG_1586 dsc_0895-001 dsc_0896-001 P1180764 

oh, and at the end of the day when I was sooo ready to fall into bed, Kathryn left me one last surprise

09-03-2012 006My biggest pet peeve is crumbs in the bed and well, lets just say, we took the whole sheet set off and just changed out the whole thing. Nice Kathryn, don’t worry. I saved every last piece for your birthday surprise!!!!!